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Safetyapp – L’app che ti mette in sicurezza

A project by CPT Central Apulia and co-financed by INAIL, with the aim to integrate information and education in the field of workplace safety in italian building sites.

  • Strategy

    UX/UI strategy, Software strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art direction

  • Client

    Cpt Puglia Centrale


Integration between information and training of the workers through multimedial contents, always at your fingertips.

How could we help hundreds of workers of the italian building sites to work safely, by respecting the correct guidelines to make also other workers safe?

Safety Appnis the first app which allows the workers  to be informed about every safety procedure  on the workplace, thanks to the simplicity of the animations and the most recent information.  Are you a worker and you have a doubt while working? Open your app, check the boards about every type of work  and discover how you can keep safe from every kind of risk.


From ux to ui, to the realization of the app available on apple and android stores, more than 200 animations and information boards, in 5 different languages.

The team UX/UI attended to the design of the whole worker/user experience, developing wireframe and prototypes for the next app validation tests. The Software development team, after the final validation of the prototype, made the app which is available on Apple and Android stores.

Our copy and animation team attended to the creation of the information boards and of the animations. Four  professional translators  (romanian, albanian, english and french) cooperated to the translation of the whole app



More active participation of the user, deeper understanding of useful information


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