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Vico della Cavallerizza

Carrying the emotions and the sensations which only VicodellaCavallerizza, an ancient residence in Lecce, can communicate to its international guests, who come to this place to experience and taste made in Italy products.

  • Strategy

    Packaging strategy

  • Design

    Graphic design,Art direction

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What we realized

Coming to Apulia and Receiving a special starter pack for Lecce directly in your room. An original way to let the guests taste the typical Apulian products.

Our graphic design team realized the packaging and the design of the labels of wine and beer for an ancient residence in Lecce. The concept was born from the ornamental tiling on the floor of the various rooms. The name of the brand reproduces the names of the rooms. Furthermore, we designed and realized gadgets and shopping bags, business cards, customized maps and brochures.


Geometric patterns and concentric circles characterize the spaces of VicodellaCavallerizza and its starter pack for its guests

Pavements are an essential and characteristic element of the residence. Their geometric and concentric patterns inspired the design of the labels made-in-Apulia wine and beer. The names of the beers are the same of the rooms.

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