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Nutrizionista Dott.ssa Cinzia Longobucco

The big challenge was to change nutrition and diet therapy into an exciting  daily challenge, thanks to the precious advice of the dietitian Cinzia longobucco.

  • Strategy

    Digital strategy, UX/UI strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art direction

  • Client

    Nutrizionista Dott.Cinzia Longobucco


Overturning the concept of “diet” through innovative methods, an effective communication and lots of creativity.

Could a professional in the field of nutrition turn the concept of “diet” upside down , avoiding the link with the ideas of deprivation or restriction?

A briefing with few and essential guidelines: building up a communication which reflects  values and principles which are Cinzia Longobucco’s distinctive features. Diet is meant to be an authentic nutritional journey which doesn’t alienate the patient during meals, but offers the possibility to share new recipes and ingredients suitable for the whole family, for adults and kids.

what we realized

Strategic communication, a customized app for all the patients and a tailor-made management software.

Our graphic design team realizes graphic contents for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Our copywriting team prepares monthly an editorial plan which includes blog and social media contents. The editorial plan is structured according to the specific needs of the doctor.


Increase of customer retention, Increase of the engagement on social media channels


Monthly appointment


Organic reach


Active users


Monthly app downloads

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